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So I thought it rather funny when Steve Jobs pulled the MacBook Air out of a manila envelope during it’s unveiling…but I didn’t honestly think people would think it was awesome enough to actually go out and create a business out of the manila envelope idea. Introducing the AirMail.


The AirMail by…well…AirMail. The company didn’t even exist before the manila case and probably will cease to exist after the excitement of the MacBook Air is over. According to the website, the AirMail is the brainchild of Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans, who are “two Apple geeks with combined handicraft-and-idea-person superpowers!” Right…While a novel idea and pretty funny that it exists (and I’m sure business isn’t too shabby) I don’t see myself spending $39 on a manila envelope.

If that wasn’t enough…

Civilian Air Manilla
MacBook Air case

Meet the Air Manila by Civilian Labs. It’s a slim leather MacBook Air case in the shape of…you guessed it! A manila envelope. This case is actually pretty sweet. It’s got heat vent perforations, snaps on the flap (in addition to the string-wrap-around-doohickey). Not to mention the exterior is a rugged textured leather instead of…well manila colored vinyl. Eww. You’ll have to cough up a little more than the $39 for this MacBook Air envelope though as it lists for $55 on the website.

But my personal favorite…

Orbino Aria

Meet Aria by Orbina. Apparently it’s made of italian leather and aluminum and love. There are no details or prices or preorder information…just a signup box for email notifications about the Aria. The Aria actually came out before the MacBook was even announced and caused a stir about what Steve Jobs had planned for his big unveiling. I want one of these… Oh wait…dang, I don’t even have a MacBook Air…but I do have a manila envelope!

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