Check out the Gear

This is some of the gear I use in making the tracks on this site. It’s becoming more and more electronic as plugins and synthesizers get better, but I still have an array of guitars and microphones that get used.



Takamine G-240 equipped with Elixer Strings and a Fishman Rare Earth in-hole pickup.

More Coming Soon…


ESP Eclipse II Standard (pics) equipped with Elixer Strings with EMG-81 pickups


Fender Squire Jazz-Bass – 4 String equipped with Elixer Strings


Vox DA-5 Digital Amp

Microphone Pre-amps

I don’t use a pre-amp on my mic because it runs directly into Presonus Inspire 1394. It is a firewire input with 4 simultaneous input channels (2 mic pre-amps and 2 instrument inputs). It has a 24-bit/96k A/D/A sample rate.


Joe Meek JM27 – medium sized diaphragm true capacitor mic.

More Coming Soon…


Sony MDR-V700 headphones

Studio Projects metal pop screen

Dimarzio Instrument Cables

More Coming Soon…


I bet you’re wondering where all this sound goes when into the computer…well it goes into Ableton Live. From there I’ll do my arrangement, add my synths to the midi, timestretch, quantize, add effects, etc. Mix it down and export it – and that’s what you’ll hear in the tracks on the site.