Mustang’s Exhaust

Well, Saturday I shortened my antenna, rewire my sub with at least 8 guage wire, and unbolted my mufflers and left turn downs underneath. Man is this thing loud…wouldn’t really want it any louder. I’d like to put a Mac Offroad H-Pipe (replaces the cats) and a set of JBA mufflers on it, but i’ll do that later down the road. Tomorrow I get the windows tinted and I doubt I’ll have the time to do anything else before I travel to Memphis for Justin Payne’s wedding this weekend. Next week I’ll look at ordering the rear quarter panel window scoops, and black racing stripes. Whew, enjoying spending money for the time being, just hope I don’t run out!

I’ll have an exhaust mp3 later tonight hopefully!
(it’ll go right here…check back later)

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