New Stack Stereo

Well, it’s not actually new. It’s my parents old stereo from our house. They’re moving into a new house (if you’ve been keeping up with my rants and raves you would know this) and with it, they’re getting a new stereo. A better one b/c the one they current have (had) was about 10 years old. CD changer included….so, anyway, I got their old system and bought a turntable to go with it. I’ve got maybe 200 albums here in the apartment (many thanks again to my parents for keeping them) and I needed a turntable. I bought one at circuit city for around 80-90. Not too shabby. They had one for like 75 at best buy, but they were sold out of EVERYTHING in the world…how annoying. Anyway, got everything hooked up and she plays just fine.

My Stack

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  1. i’ve got some old records you’d love! lemme know

    oldskool | May 5, 2005 | Reply

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