On It’s Way

So my stuff I ordered for my computer is on it’s way. I ordered a PCI card that allows me to expand my hard drives from having just two, to having 4 giving me a fully functioning 650gb. Rediculous I know. I also got a windowed panel for my alienware case. This should be nice. Some cables and cooling stuff finished off the order. I ordered from www.xpcgear.com. This is weird for me seeing as how I usually order all my computer stuff off of www.newegg.com. Anyway, so far soo good. It was a pleasant ordering experience. I’ll let everyone know if it comes all broken and crap. Then I’ll let them know and let them know I expect it to be replaced. Do I sound testy? I’m just anxious. I track my package every few hours and it hasn’t changed since 4am yesterday.

What’re they doing over there in Texas that’s taking soo long?!?! I HAVE NO IDEA! It’s Texas though, it could take days to get across that state.

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