Painting Barn Floors

Going to the farm for the time being to paint the barn floor. Who cares…a little cash is in it for me, and plus I’ve got nothing to do here but sit around on my but all day and clone myself…weird.


So I spent most of 5 hours today preparing the floor for painting. I knew we wouldn’t get to the mixing and putting it down today, and probably won’t tomorrow either b/c it’s supposed to rain pretty hard and with the fumes from that stuff, you’re gonna want to keep the big doors open…which you obviously couldn’t do with it raining. Thought I was going to be spending tonight up there, but some people wanted to take a gander at our house since, you know, we’re moving out of it and all and kind of need to sell it so we don’t have 2. Spending tomorrow night up there though, so don’t expect any posts tomorrow night. Gone to bed…here’s a shot from my camera phone of the barn cleaned out…pardon the crappy quality it’s a camera phone for crying out loud.

The Barn from afarInside

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  1. Hey you need that extra cash for that exhaust on the 05…so then maybe you can hang with me….haha…peace i will holla at you later on….scott

    scott | Mar 22, 2005 | Reply

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