I’ll update with some pictures later, but some updates from clinton:

our town, (last census taken in 2000) which normally holds about 24,000 people is now home to about 50,000…mostly residents of hotel rooms, RV’s and cars. Gas is in high demand. Coach Ard had to go and sit in line at Walmart at 4:30 in the morning the other day to get some in his car. Lines typically range from 100 yards to 1/4 mile during the day, and prices are contiually going up. The second I see prices north of $4 or $5, I’m going to walk in to the place and trash it in rebellion. I’ll probably be arrested, but it’ll be worth the cause.

New Orleans will never be the same, the government is debating on whether or not it will be worth rebuilding. Where else are we going to have Mardi Gras? Of course it’s worth rebuilding….just make that levee more stable and able to withstand a hurricane larger than a category 3. The city is absolutely mind boggling right now. People dying of malnutrition, starving to death, and basically living in third world conditions…just a mere 3 hours from me. The other day, pot shots were taken at rescue helicopters and workers trying to get out some of the dying people….I guess that’s what happens when a bunch of cajuns who looted a liquor store get together with a bunch of cajuns who looted a gun/ammo store and have done nothing but drink since tuesday. Either way, I’m awestruck. I complain about the fact that clintonians (whatever we’re called) don’t know how to take turns at a 4 way stop, and get in fist fights over lines at gas pumps, and the fact that the Walmart wasn’t open for 2 days after the hurricane…but at least we don’t have knee deep water and nothing to eat.

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