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Posting from my new Powerbook…how much cooler does it get??

Leave tomorrow at noon to go the whole hours or so it takes to get to Abilene, TX. We’re leaving right after the races on Saturday, which means that we’re going to have a bus full of stinky runners all the way back. I’m going to take a “hobo” shower at some point. (that’s where you take a bath in the sink of a restroom with papertowels and handsoap…) cause I’m not going to feel gross the whole way back. This little jewel I’m typing on though is going to make time fly… You bet. I’m gonna be Photoshoppin and Garage Banding it up the whole time. Oh well, I’m tired and I’ve got graphic design again at 8 in the morn…I’m outta here. Peace

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  1. Although it sounds kinda gay.. I really miss those 10 hr bus rides 🙁 You guys will have a blast.. and Ill be praying for ya! Kick butt and take names hey hey! haha
    love, jenn
    P.S. Be social for once and dont be glued to your whatever your typing on haha jk 🙂

    jenn | Apr 21, 2005 | Reply

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