Putting the Pieces Together

I switched from Total Choice Hosting to Media Temple yesterday and the move went fairly smooth considering all that could’ve gone wrong. I backed up everything onto my hard drive first, set it all up on (mt) and then switched nameservers. I use GoDaddy for my registrar and they weren’t instant but had the DNS changed in about 10-15 minutes for each of my sites (Astrolime, Her Rants and Raves, and The Rants and Raves).

I went with the Grid Server plan which is completely expandable and can survive even the hardest hitting Digg effects. It doesn’t cost much more ($20 a month) and I get

  • 100 GBs of premium storage
  • 1 TB of bandwidth
  • 1000 email accounts

Things it does have over TCH:

  • This is serious hosting, they host sites like Nike.com, Starbucks.com, etc.
  • The (gs) system is basically a “cluster of clusters” which makes it very scalable.

Things TCH had that (mt) doesn’t:

  • All of their customer service reps could be found on AIM or Yahoo Messenger.
  • Their “one-click installs” had about 20 different systems ranging from WordPress to Joomla. (mt) has 4. I guess they’re assuming if you use them you don’t want an easy setup, but would rather do it yourself?

I was also piggy-backing therantsandraves.com on my Astrolime (my design services) hosting. So it wasn’t on it’s own server, it was actually a hidden redirect to astrolime.com/rantsandraves. Which for a small blog or site isn’t a bad idea at all, I was just getting around 100 hits a day and weighing in on Astrolime.

So expect a faster response from the server as well as the ability to directly link to articles on the site.


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