PVC Guitar Stand

So I’ve had a single guitar stand for a while now. But in the past year with the addition of the ESP and the Fender Bass, things have gotten a little cluttered in the studio room. I decided that instead of buying a guitar rack for all of my guitars, I would simply make one. Wood was the first idea to enter into my mind. Wood is sturdy, lasting, and functional. After looking at costs however wood was also going to be very expensive. I looked into metal pipes…just as expensive if not more. I then looked into PVC pipe. I thought at first the PVC would be too flimsy but after giving the 1″ PVC a field test in Home Depot I decided that it was sufficient.

To make one of these I would recommend the following:

PVC Cutters (like similar: here
PVP Cement (not req but suggested – like similar: here

2 – 10foot 1″ Pipe
10/11 – T joints
6 – L joints (90degree)
5 – End caps (or however many dividing pegs you have…) and (add 4 if you want one on each foot.)

For Feet – instead of an L joint you can use a Street L. a Street L has a smaller arm on one side and a larger one on the other…like so:

This allows you to put the cap directly on the bend on the foot.

Here is my result.

Overall dimensions
27″ wide
32″ tall
32″ deep

This will allow you enough pipe left over from the overall frame to add the pegs etc…I even made a little stand to hold my cables.

My Stand

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