Rachel’s B-day Recap

Here’s the recap

On the way up, we sat at a dead still on the interstate for about 20 minutes while two lanes funneled into one due to this guy offroading…
Stupid Truck

Jennifer and Julianne decided to come up to Memphis since it was Rachel’s birthday and surprise her at dinner Friday Night. Well Rachel made plans with another friend of her’s, Jordan, but luckily Jordan and Jennifer got in touch and decided and Jennifer would be at dinner when we got there and whatnot. Well, Jennifer called and was like “I’m running late, stall her for like 10 mins…” So I did…but we still got to the resturant a little early and we were the first ones there. Well Rachel told them there was going to be 4 of us…in actuality there was going to be 6. So on my way “to the restroom” I told the lady that we were going to need to move to a bigger table b/c 6 people were coming. She said that was ok, so I convinced Rachel that I was cold and needed to move to a bigger table. We did. Then after a few minutes when none of the other people where there yet I “went to wash my hands” and called Jennifer. Turns out, we had gone to the wrong sushi resturant. The one everyone else was at was on the other side of town. I came back and was like “maybe you should call Jordan and ask where they are…” she was like “no, Jordan is late sometimes…” and I was like “no….call her.” So she did and realized we were at the wrong place, but we left and got over there as fast as we could and she was very surprised to see so many people…props on that Jennifer and Julianne…

Dinner Saturday night was with the Hardins…Mr, Mrs, and Shea in addition to Rachel and myself. We ate at a Thai resturant downtown…man was the food spicy. Desert was incredible too.

Church this morning at GBC (Germantown Baptist Church) was excellent, and so was the drive back. Had some Brusters on the way and got in around 8ish, ate some Applebee’s once I got back…

The End

I’m off to bed, peace.

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