Rhodes Invitational/New Galleries

So I’ve uploaded some pictures and I’ve found the results. This saves me from having to explain how everybody did…not necessarilly get it right, and have people correct me. There’s a link with the images from the meet. It’s gonna remain over on the right navi under “images” incase this post gets old and dissapears under the mass of new posts years from now. Here’s the results for the meet. Straight from the horses mouth (Rhodes website.) Other than that, had a good time, Rachel’s gonna be having a better one though as she is in Destin (Along with 80% of everyone in the world) with her friend and their moms. Spring break is upon us…I’m going to be painting a barn floor it looks like so I can have some spending money. Anybody have any great plans to run away and go do something, call me. I’ll run away with you. As long as we come back by next monday.

Another note, while the corkboard’s were insanely fun to make and really cool looking to boot, it took all of like 2-3 hours to create one meaning, they didn’t come very often. The new galleries that will go up and come down frequently are going to look alot like this Rhodes one… I can create the thing using templates in about 5 minutes at the longest. That’s really good efficiency. Sorry if you were really digging the corkboard’s and expected to see a bunch more of them. I doubt I’ll be making them very often if at all from now on.

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  1. i like the new galleries alot, very clean

    michaelbolton | Mar 21, 2005 | Reply

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