Some PC Ideas

Another friend of mine is wanting to build himself a computer that he can mix music on and occasionally play a game on. I sent him a 3 lists of different computer parts to build 3 different computers. I put together a list for one cheap PC, one media-center PC and one faster gamers PC. I emailed him these lists but I’m putting them on here hopefully to inspire some people to build their own computers. It’s a fun hobby and develops skills that you can in turn use to fix your computers when they break on you. Read on for the lists.

Cheaper PC

Case: $89

Powersupply: $0
Comes with case – 500w

Motherboard: $68

CPU: $56

RAM: $22 (2gb)
RAM: $43 (4gb)

Hard Drive: $49 (320gb)

TOTAL: $327

Media Center PC (see this post for an example)

Micro ATX Silverstone Case: $149
OR w/o Window: $109

PSU: $45

Motherboard: $79

CPU: $89

Heatsink: $49

RAM: $55

Hard Drive: $89 (1tb)
Hard Drive: $59 (500gb)

TOTAL: $485 (cheaper options)
TOTAL: $555 (more expensive options)

Higher End Gaming PC

Case: $139 (case like mine)

PSU: $129 (PSU like mine)

Motherboard: $96

CPU: $159 (like my cpu)

Heatsink: $59

RAM: $55 (4gb)
(or you can get 8gb for $110)

Hard Drive: $89 (1tb)
Hard Drive: $59 (500gb)

Video Card: $209 (not included in final price)

TOTAL: $781 (with 8gb RAM and 1tb HD) (add $200 for high end video card, or about $75 for normal video card)
TOTAL: $696 (with 4gb RAM and 500gb HD)
(add $200 for high end video card, or about $75 for normal video card)

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