Sony PSP Headphones Too Strong?

In my opinion the Sony PSP headphones may be some of the best sounding in-ear headphones that I’ve ever heard. I had a pair growing up that came with my Gameboy. I hated these things b/c they wouldn’t stay in my ear and they hurt ontop of that. All my life I’ve strayed from in-ear designs b/c they wouldn’t stay and they hurt. That’s all I thought of when I thought of in-ear headphones. I even invested in a pair of Sony Studio Monitor MDRV700DJ professional headphones. These things are the Seriously. Best sound I’ve ever put on my ears, and almost as much bass as my mustang.

This R&R isn’t about my DJ headphones though, it’s about the new PSP headphones. They’re the in-ear design, and I have to say…they’re not half bad. I plug them up to my laptop during my free time at places to either listen to music, or to mix it. I carry these with the laptop instead of the DJ ones because they’re soo much smaller. For the alienware at home though and the new stereo, I still use the MDRV700DJ’s.

This R&R isn’t about how kick-ass the new PSP headphones are either…it’s about the potential danger. I’m not really sure how powerful the magnets are in my big headphones, but I went to pick up my headphones here at work and they stuck to the side of the desk. I had to pull them off of the metal drawers. I was shocked! They sound great, but at what expense? Brain cells? I don’t think so. Sony makes a great headphone, but I think these little guys need to calm down cause I’m nervous about putting them back on my head now.

(image coming soon…like tonight actually)

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