Star Wars Galaxies

So I’ve played a game called Star Wars Galaxies before. I played it all last summer and loved it. I found the CD case today and decided that I was going to renew my subscription again for this summer…it’s a blast to play. I create a new character, and pick a random server out of like 12 to choose from and then pick one of 3 places on the Tatooine (the starter planet) to begin my journey at. I run outside the city walls to practice my shooting skills on some of the smaller varmit that wanders around out there and low and behold, I see this man carrying an axe and his name is Neq Raenor. I was like “man, this guys name is really familiar to a friend of mine….” So I say to him “Hello there Neq, you bear the name of a friend of mine, his name is Nick.” Neq replies, “ahh, but a different spelling.” I said “Indeed, but the ironic thing is, his last name is Raynor…alot like yours.” and he goes “Again, a different spelling?” and then he goes “is that you micah? what name do you go by Bokou?” and I said “Robbie.” Turns out, it’s freaking Nick Raynor!!! Out of all the places to randomly meet, on a planet somewhere in the middle of space we run into each other. We both installed the game today and renewed our accounts today. He had been on for an hour or so, but it’s still amazing that we met on this planet. Had he not chosen a recognizable name like “Neq Raenor,” I would have walked right past him and we never would have known. Really weird. Here’s a screenshot or two of the game play, the first is one I took to show Nick when I talked to him on AIM so that he could believe I met a guy with the same name as him (before I found out it was him…) and the second is just a shot of my character sitting down outside a spaceport.

Neq Raenor
SWG - Outside a Spaceport

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