Team Fortress 2 Sprays – Drunk Engineer

So I play Team Fortress 2 a good bit now and it’s actually a whole lot of fun. It’s the first game for me that is so much fun that I can actually have fun even while I’m losing.

In TF2 you can have what’s called a “spray”. The default key is “T”. You can run up to a wall and “spray” (think spray-paint) a graphic onto it for other players to see. A lot of people make them silly, funny, insulting (after you kill someone), or whatever. I like to make mine look like signs, paper, or something that would actually be on a wall.

Here’s my first installment of some team fortress sprays. If any class would be a drunk I’m gonna have to say it’s probably the engineer. I mean, he builds stuff to do his bidding and then just stands there and only actually does stuff when a spy sapps his sentry or it needs repair. This is my tribute to those drunk engineers. These sprays have the appearance of rusty, shot-at, and faded street signs. I think they’ve got enough cartooniness to them to fit perfectly in the TF2 world. The zip has 11 previews (jpeg) and 11 sprays (VTF) in it. If you need help installing them, refer to this website (

Download Drunk Engineer Sprays

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