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So some of you may remember back in the day when AOL first appeared and we were in middle school and everyone got on AIM and messaged each other. You really weren’t cool unless you had it, and for some reason that still didn’t make me cool. No worries. When that became very popular, and around the time of the chatroom era, some AIM faders started to appear on the market…things that made your text wavy and change from one color to another….I have rediscovered one of these, but for any use you want. I does bbcode for forums, and HTML code for other things.

Its really cool, you should try it. It doesnt take up much space and is fun for at least a few minutes...if not addicting.

Anyway, its way late and time for me to go to bed. I assume you want the link now huh?, well...here it is. Download and enjoy!

gah this is fun, it can go from black.....to white.....back to black.....back to white.....


(ps – I know it’s an exe, but it’s from softpedia.ro and has been installed on my computer and is virus/spyware free.)

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  1. Don’t worry Rob-man Aim didn’t make me cool either…but then I myself actually discovered the text fader…then I still wasn’t cool..but you know how it goes..Whatever!

    Zach Herrington | Nov 19, 2005 | Reply

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