The Boats

Well AJ, his buddy Glen, and I went over to the casinos last night. I spent $12 on food, gave AJ $9 during a game of blackjack, and still came out only $10 down. AJ was like $30 down at the end of the night, sat down at a penny slot and won $56…amazing. He’s the slot-master. I love photoposts, and while you’re not supposed to be able to take cameras into the casino, I used the camera on my phone to get some pretty cool/candid shots…sorry about the terrible quality…remember, they were taken with a CAMERA PHONE…and it blows. here’s sort of a photopost for you’s people…Enjoy!

Casino 1

Casino 2

Casino 3

Casino 4

Casino 5

Casino 6

Casinio 7

Casino 8

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