The Last Post

Sorry about the childish arguments that took place in the last post. “English Professor,” and “Music Critic,” the two cool people that recently posted rude comments are infact my roomate, or ex-roomate trying to prove his utter coolness. I’m not going to bash anyone in this post, but just simply state that Marcus, good friend of mine…very considerate and genuine person, will be moving in on the first…will be a move for the better I believe…I leave for Canada tomorrow so who knows when I’ll post again, maybe in a few days…

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  1. you are no one to be talking……what gives you the right to judge me and accuse me of being genuine and considerate. quit being selfish and still childish by even posting this whole post and reevaluate yourself as a friend and yadayadayadayadayadayada…blah blah blah wah wah wah…

    – edit –

    mack henry, i no longer wish to associate myself with you, please stop posting comments on my website, I will ban every IP address you post from. Please grow up, act 21, and accept that not everyone you meet, you will get along with. I do not get along with you and want nothing more to do with you. People don’t read your comments and think you are cool…you need to drop this sissy nonsense and move on with your life. Seriously…your harrassment will not be taken lightly.

    your ex-roomate | Jun 22, 2005 | Reply

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