The Race

So Marcus and I are on our way back to the apartment from Mazzios on Monday and I look behind us to see a brand new Bently Continental GT. It’s a large 2 door sports car with a nail-biting 550hp twin-turbo V12 engine. This thing rocks.

Continental GT

He pulls up next to me and drops the hammer. It was probably an automatic cause it took a second, but I am not braggin by all means but I hung with it through the top of second until I let off. It’s a good thing too cause it woulda rocked my world into third. Anyway at about 60-65 I let off and we coast up to the redlight. He leans forward and yells out the window “Hey, I got 10 grand on my car!” It was David Banner. And if you don’t know who that is, you probably don’t care. He’s a rapper. Semi-famous…at least through the south.

David Banner

I was like “Yeah I got 10 grand on you too!” Him and his buddy started laughing…Marcus was like “Aww Shoot! That’s David Banner! Hey!…Hey! Where’s the Viper??” and Banner was like “Aw man, that was 3 years ago! This is the new Viper!” We all laughed. Marcus goes “I wanted to tell him I liked the old Viper better…” Haha…It doesn’t matter to me, Viper of GT, they’re both really fine, and this is no exception.

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  1. yeah you know, i coulda really raced you if i wanted to, but i was just messin around with ya…you know…

    banner | May 27, 2005 | Reply

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