Utah Saints

I watched the Utah Saints video for Something Good the other day and thought it was simply the coolest fucking video I’ve ever seen… After watching it once or twice more I realized that what I liked most about the music video was the music itself. So I set off on a journey to download this track. The more I looked for it (and eventually came across their myspace page) the more I realized I wanted the whole album and not just this one track… I assumed it’d be no harder than opening iTunes and searching for Utah Saints. Turns out since I’m in the US I can’t download the album. WTF…

It should at least be an option to turn on or off the UK store if they’re worried about making finding your favorite artists difficult or meshing together the top 10 lists…or most popular downloaded tracks. I can kind of understand the separation, but not allowing me to buy it at all? Seems dumb. More money for them…more money for the Utah Saints. Everyone wins. I wonder why they don’t allow this?

Anyone know of any place else that I could snatch this up for a decent price? I’d hate to turn to “alternative” methods of obtaining this…because I really like the artist and with them churning out stuff like the Something Good video, I’d like to support them and keep them going.

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  1. Sorry for the lateness of the comment, just stumbled across your blog when i found your guitar hero logo. Thanks!

    If you still haven’t found Utah Saints Something Good, try here: http://www.7digital.com/artists/utah-saints/

    Nice work mate, keep it up.

    marty | Mar 9, 2009 | Reply

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