Vector Block Shapes

Working with Katie on a school psychology project of hers I was asked to create a pamphlet that had an identity and information for a sex ed program that she was to make up. I came up with the pamphlet layout and logo/identity and she came up with the filler text and majority of text that went into it.

Anyway, figured since it was for school and was non profit I’d share it on here. I went with a “slogan” of “Helping you make the pieces fit.” This freebie is an Illustrator file as usual and is a triangle block, square block, and circle block all fitting into their appropriate cutouts. The pink/green/blue color scheme ran through the whole pamphlet as well. Feel free to do as you wish with it and lemme know if you end up using it in something cool!

Download Vector Block Shapes

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  1. These are neat. Thanks!

    Lisa | Jun 1, 2008 | Reply

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