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2007 Cobra Mustang »

I just wet my pants when I came across these pictures in a forum on The new 2007 Shelby Cobra Mustang will have a 5.4L powerhouse with 450hp. It’s a supercharged 5.4L DOHC. This is still however a “concept” but a near production concept which means it’ll probably look similar, minus as many little […]

Update on Aaron »

This update on Aaron Rice is from Nikki’s Xanga website. If you’d like more up to the minute information, you can always check it out, Gloria5484 Here’s the lastest: Kelly’s flight left last night at 7:40pm. She was put on a private Delta plane with a few others to Cincinatti, where she would connect to […]

Pics of New House »

Ok, so I went to the new house today and took some pictures with a real digital camera… there’s a picture of how the cabin at the farm is lookin incase you haven’t seen it in a while, it’s changed alot in the past few years/months/weeks/days whatever.

World Water Day 2005 »

today is apparently “world water day.” whatever that is, here’s a google search that will return some hint as to what it’s about. Google Search: world water day 2005

Painting Barn Floors »

Going to the farm for the time being to paint the barn floor. Who cares…a little cash is in it for me, and plus I’ve got nothing to do here but sit around on my but all day and clone myself…weird. Update So I spent most of 5 hours today preparing the floor for painting. […]

Forum »

Got a forum up and running, it’s over above the webcam in the topright corner of this page. It’ll reside there for the time being, probably for good. The font might get smaller once people get used to it being there, keeping it big so more people see it and are tempted to click on […]