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The Hand That Remixes »

So I’ve made a little remix of NIN’s “The Hand That Feeds.” It’s not really better than the original, it’s just different. Here are two to download. One is a remix and the other is more of a house/techno remix… House Remix –

Rendering Myself »

tried to create myself yesterday on the computer. I stuck with the face only and here’s what I’ve come up with thusfar.

Bowling Ball »

I found my Dad’s old bowling ball from his days in college. It’s got it’s own case and everything. He had a pair of shoes with it, but I wore them too much and the sole’s eventually fell off. Like, just fell off… Here’s a pic of the ball and it’s case however. I haven’t […]

TheFaceBook »

So my school has finally been added to the array of schools supported by Thefacebook is an online directory that connects people through social networks at colleges and universities. If it’s your kind of thing, go ahead and join. Here is my facebook profile: My Facebook

How Mac’s Compare to PC’s »

Ever wondered why a Mac tends to have a slower clock-speed than a PC yet, tends to perform at or around the same rate? IE – I just bought a new Powerbook laptop and it’s got a 1.8ghz processor. I also just built a computer for my roomate that has a 2.8ghz pentium IV in […]

21st Sonata »

I’ve uploaded a version of my latest album “21st Sonata” for people to download. This is an unmastered version, so some instruments may be louder than others on some songs. Some songs may be louder than others and so on and so forth. It’s pretty close to finished, but it will be tweaked a little […]