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Boycotting Ford?? » What these people don’t know apparently is that gay people buy and drive cars too. Believe it or not, they can get a license, and they can buy a car! This website is about boycotting Ford until they cease their promotion of homosexual advertising. I personally have mixed feelings on the subject, but this […]

Memphis Memorial Day »

Got to go to Memphis this past weekend and spend a little time with the girlfriend. Also got to meet her two brothers semi-new girlfriends. It was fun, haha, the whole Hardin family and their dates out to eat. It was time well spent though. It’s a shame I had to miss work…not!

Downtime Sucks »

Dang it…been like that since like 5 or 6 o’clock. At least, that’s when I started checking it’s status regularly…I think it was down before that.

Alienware Update »

So I spent some money on the Alienware…you’d know this by reading the last couple posts. Case window, HD coolers, memory coolers, rounded cables, and PCI hard drive adapter (to hold more hard drives). I’m holding 570GB right now. I’ve got another 80 running the OS on the “ice cube” computer. This Alienware nows runs […]

The Race »

So Marcus and I are on our way back to the apartment from Mazzios on Monday and I look behind us to see a brand new Bently Continental GT. It’s a large 2 door sports car with a nail-biting 550hp twin-turbo V12 engine. This thing rocks. He pulls up next to me and drops the […]

The Boats »

Well AJ, his buddy Glen, and I went over to the casinos last night. I spent $12 on food, gave AJ $9 during a game of blackjack, and still came out only $10 down. AJ was like $30 down at the end of the night, sat down at a penny slot and won $56…amazing. He’s […]