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Canada O’ Canada »

Sitting in a shoe store in Canada while my brother tries on shoes. Picked up a wireless signal so I thought I’d post a quick one….Vancouver is nice. Very nice weather for sure. A much bigger city than I thought it would be. It’s almost like a NYC, but not on such a grand scale…I […]

The Last Post »

Sorry about the childish arguments that took place in the last post. “English Professor,” and “Music Critic,” the two cool people that recently posted rude comments are infact my roomate, or ex-roomate trying to prove his utter coolness. I’m not going to bash anyone in this post, but just simply state that Marcus, good friend […]

2005 CTS Review »

Reviewed a 2005 Cadillac CTS today whilst at work. It’s a pretty cool car however I would have preferred another colour, and a 6-speed manual transmission…Would’ve preferred the CTS-V actually above all others…Corvette engine and all. Here’s a link to the review – Cadillac CTS Review

Ridden the Hulk? »

I just found this and it freaked me out cause I have ridden on this roller coaster. It was with the cross-country team freshman year I believe, maybe sophmore year…but here. Hulk stalls at Universal Studios Orlando (Friday, January 28, 2005) – At Universal Studios Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Florida, a roller […]

Dr. Smiles »

This guy just sent me a facebook friend request… are you serious…. here’s his website…it’s a site dedicated to being the biggest loser alive and tips on how to piss people off with your unbelievable behavior. If I seriously saw this guy on the street with that smile on his face I’d be tempted to […]

Not Guilty? »

Well the courts as of a few minutes ago have found Michael Jackson not guilty of all 10 counts against him. Conspiracy to commit child abduction, lewd act on child under 14, attempted lewd act on child under 14, and administering alcohol to minors…Well I haven’t really been following it, so I’m not really sure […]