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Battlefield of Rants »

The rants and raves seems to have become a battlefield between me and my roomate mack… …message to mack, i’ve got nothing more against you, it’s just when stupid things like this message getting left on my machine when i’ve nothing to do with it, and childish stuff like erasing my facebook wall that I […]

London Plumber »

This is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while… LONDON (Reuters) – A British plumber was fined and given a community service order Tuesday after being captured on hidden cameras urinating into a vase in a customer’s attic and pouring the contents into the central heating system. Roy Williams, 47, was caught […]

Summer Update »

So this is an update just because I haven’t updated in ages. Just a list of things basically. Mack has since been removed from the apartment and Marcus is going to be moving in tomorrow. Had dinner at El Sombrero today, hadn’t eaten there in forever. Got to see Rachel this past weekend. That’s always […]

SUV Selldown »

Made this today for work. It’s a special deal to people “invitation only”. We needed some kind of header for the email and I threw this together in just a short while. I like it.

JOB Forum »

So my SWG character Bokou has his own “website” of sorts where people can read about his adventures and whatnot, What I’m writing about is his new forum where the other people he meets in the game can come to chat about just about anything….well whatever they want to really…if you go to the […]

Fourth of July »

Went to Memphis for the fourth of july, had a good time. Everclear played at the Shelby Farms fireworks and that was a dissapointment. The only song I knew was “father of mine,” and that song is years old. I was told they were typically very vulgar and I was going to storm the stage […]