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Road Rage Cards »

This is quite funny…you should have a look if not get one…I’ve thought about making my own at times, and amazingly I’m not alone…these people decided to market it. Road Rage Cards make sure you click “samples” up top…I definately need “WAIT YOUR TURN!” b/c the people across the intersection at my apartment complex don’t […]

Wireless CompUSA Mouse – $14.99 »

I wrote a post a while back about this mouse and how great of a deal I got on it at CompUSA. Read it here. I got it in red, and I believe you can now get it in Cobalt Blue as well…In a nutshell, this is an awesome mouse and you should buy it […]

New Window Scoops »

Got them in and installed! Woot! Waited long enough. I actually just got an email from (where I originally ordered them over 2 months ago but called and cancelled them) saying that they had shipped out the scoops that I had ordered. So after calling them 9 TIMES and the last 3 TIMES I […]

New astrolime »

Been working on this for the past 24 hours straight practically… Finally got it working all seamlessly together. Now to start building a larger Reviews database… check it out,

Still, Family Plan »

Made this ….This will be the second time they pushed it back. We’ve sold a buttload through the internet department this past month, and hopefully this will help get this next month off to a good start! All these email have body-text to go with them, It’s just not as cool as the graphic aspect […]