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Graphic Designer Block »

I assume I have what I can only describe as graphic designer block at the moment. Sitting in Graphic Design Portfolio trying to think of a postcard that “could be sent out to the art students, to remind them of pre-registration” and this is what I’ve come up with so far….but hey, it’s progress… apparently […]

9-26-2005 »

quick update… got my version of Cubase working flawlessly, expect some cool new music. esp more recorded stuff. click to listen to a sample dabbling in bryce again trying to recreate something I made a few years ago.

Be Cool »

Be cool.

Post Katrina Part 2 »

Daniel, Mandy, Zach, Bobby, Leslie, Rachel and I went to memphis this weekend. I may have mentioned that in the last post. Got to hang out, do a little shopping/browsing, check out Beale Street, eat at Memphis Pizza Cafe and other things…Back home now, having to deal with all the crap that’s goin on in […]

Post-Katrina »

I’ll update with some pictures later, but some updates from clinton: our town, (last census taken in 2000) which normally holds about 24,000 people is now home to about 50,000…mostly residents of hotel rooms, RV’s and cars. Gas is in high demand. Coach Ard had to go and sit in line at Walmart at 4:30 […]