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The Fruit »

Reverted back from all of my “easy to use” music programs like Music Maker or whatever and junk like that to the all powerful (didn’t know this until recently) Fruity loops. Here’s a quick sample of what I’ve been doing. None of them are “finished” so to speak, but stuff I’ve made and have since […]

A Collision »

Ok, so I wrote about this guy a while back and I’m writing about him again because his new CD is the best one yet… Order it here…David Crowder – A Collision. And for a small taste of it…Check it out click here to listen.

Text Fader »

So some of you may remember back in the day when AOL first appeared and we were in middle school and everyone got on AIM and messaged each other. You really weren’t cool unless you had it, and for some reason that still didn’t make me cool. No worries. When that became very popular, and […]

Free Recipe’s on your iPod » Check this out, it stores the recipes to your iPod so you can do things like check for the ingredients at the grocery store from your iPod and such…kinda cool, if you’re into cooking at all.

Comment Bombed »

Ok, so I’ve had to add some filters to the comment thingamajig…. got post bombed by this douchebag: Name: testanchor813 | E-mail: | URI: http://test.com399 | IP: on the 8th and on the 10th got bombed by like 10 different sites, each one going to online poker and gambling and online medicine… my […]

Memphis for the weekend »

Going to Memphis for the weekend…Rachel doesn’t feel good at all and wants to be at home/see a doctor so I’m taking her up there…hope everyone has a dandy weekend.