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Recent PCMark04 Scores »

CPU wouldn’t register for some reason (I don’t have media encoder 9 on here or something…) but everything else did which is kinda funny, INCLUDING my piece-o-dump card I’m using. A decent video card number runs well into the thousands and I’m only pulling a 193 out of this ancient. Click here for full report. […]

34c-28c »

Well, I completely recommend Motherboard Monitor for any computer modders out there. Don’t want to spend $25-$50 on an LCD screen on the front of your computer (or if it sits on the ground and you don’t want to bend over to check it) there’s always MBM. The version I’m using (5) allows you to […]

I dream of water » So I’ve thought about a water cooling kit for the past couple days and here’s the cheapest solution I’ve come up with so far. All I would really need would be a CPU cooler and a GPU cooler. The memory will keep cool via it’s head spreaders and the hard drives would keep […]

Video Card Hassle »

BAH! this < ---clicky is what I've been putting up with recently. Classic signs of card overheating. My heatsink fan no longer works, and the card is almost hot to the touch. I've tried all kinds of secondary cooling, but I just need a new heatsink for the GPU...and some more cooling (can't have too […]