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Macbook Pro specs »

Newest macbook pro specs…

Saint Patty’s Day »

Check out the player and navigate to the Inspired album to find my latest song(s) Saint Patty’s Day Parade & Unnamed (yet to be decided if it’s complete or not) You can now download songs from the mp3 player by clicking the downward facing arrow to the right of each track. Enjoy!

Tips on Album Mastering »

What is Mastering? Mastering is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio to a medium that will be used in the production of copies. In my case as well as many others probably reading this is CD’s. Some may need the audio to go to television, and the process is similar, but some high-pass […]

Halloween Walpaper »

Here’s a little halloween trick or treat from me

Bass Guitar »

Bought a bass guitar out of impulse kinda yesterday. I’ve been wanting one for a while now and went to Mississippi Music and got a really good deal on a new Squire Jazz Bass. Plays like a beauty. I’ll throw up her debut song in mp3 format here soon so you guys can lend an […]