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The reason you can’t make iPhone ringtones… »

Update 2: If you are running a Mac with iLife 08 then you can export your own ringtones from Garageband. I’d suggest running some filters to remove excess bass (as your phone will not do anything but bleed the audio into a glob of horrible-soundingness) and each ringtone has a maximum limit of 40 seconds. […]

Have a WP Blog? »

Update: I’ve caught over 44,000 as of October 26 Then you definately need the Akismet spam plugin installed. It catches around 400-500 spammer comments a week and since it’s addition to it has caught over 33,000 spam comments. I’ve never had a comment by a real person get caught in Akismet, but occasionally I’ll […]

Cool Samples »

Used some of these samples in some recent chillout music I made. Wanted to put this link here for my own personal reference and to share it with you guys. (