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Tom Tom »

Ok, so all these new cars, trucks, suv’s and what have you’s are equipped with all this navigation technology… Do you not think that some of the individuals that coughed up the extra $2,000 for this feature should use it?! Tonight while riding in the car to dinner, I was accompanied by a very intelligent […]

Come in Drive out ad »

This emailer ad brought in a customer. Yay! Good to see what I do actually works sometimes.

Altfunk CD Art »

So I’m going to have the Altfunk CD mass produced. And by mass produced I mean like 50-100. Not really mass…but professionally printed and packaged. Going to cost around $3.99 a CD for 50. Trying to come up with some design ideas. It will be printed on a reflective silver CD, not a white one. […]

Roundabouts »

For all the dumbass citizens of my town…this is how a roundabout works: Some things to note: – at 8am the roundabout will not be completely and totally empty – you must accelerate into a gap and go with it… – the cars on the outside yield to you…don’t stop inside the circle and let […]

Coming Soon: Long Exposure Pics »

So I’ve been dying to do this since (some cellphone carrier) has been doing it in their commercials and it just seems like a blast to make something like it in a still picture. Came across this picture on Flickr and decided that I’ll try and make something like it tonight or tomorrow night. Let’s […]

Mailer Examples »

Threw together a few mailer examples for some people at work showing them how to use photoshop and I figured I’d put them up here and show you guys as well. Nothing too fancy, just an 800×600. The one thing I didn’t put on them was any contact information. Probably would go well in a […]