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5 Must Have Apps for OSX »

So I’ve had a Mac laptop for a while now. First was the Powerbook G4 and of course it was stolen, which left me an opportunity to get a new one! I’ve had my 17″ MacBook Pro for a good month now and There’s some software I’ve come across that’s just a must-have for every […]

Mix – Double Agent »

Doing 2 things…testing out a new plugin that will allow you to listen to an MP3 within a post that I create a link to and also just throwing up an MP3 I created in Garageband tonight…Simply click the little speaker next to the link to preview it before clicking the link to download. Gonna […]

Josh Kelley – Special Company »

Artist: Josh Kelley Album: Special Company Rating (1-10): 10 Buy?: Unquestionably yes. Born in 1980 (yeah, he’s freakin young!) in Georgia, singer songwriter Josh Kelley has released 4 albums and 7 singles to date. He lives and writes in Nashville, TN and the Nashville sound’s influence is apparent in his latest CD, Special Company. Recently […]

New Look »

So for the bajillionth time I’ve decided to restyle The Rants and Raves. Only this time I have actually swapped to a new faster server and upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. Keep checking back through the week to see the changes that unfold! Her Rants and Raves I’ve also been pressured into restyling […]

Redbull »

So I’ve found myself drinking a whole lotta this stuff recently so I decided to see exactly what I was drinking..the health benefits, risks, contents, comparisons, and anything else I really want to know about the stuff…here’s the lowdown on it. Red Bull Red Bull is the brand name of an energy drink that originated […]

BCS Mailer »

We had a big party at the house for the BCS game between Ohio and LSU. Made this in photoshop real quick with the help of Katie and we sent it out to a couple people. It had detailed info on how to get to my house below it, but I’m not posting that all […]