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Clocky! »

How many times can you say you’ve hit the snooze button in the morning one too many times and were late to work/school/meeting/appointment (yeah you know what I’m talking about) because of it? Do you happen to be one of those people who are afraid to hit the snooze button in fear of sleeping in? […]

Mississippi Enacts “Covenant Marriage” »

Senate Bill 2550 passed as amended yesterday. The title is: An act to create a form of marriage to be known as covenant marriage requiring certain declarations; to provide that a covenant marriage may be dissolved in cases of adultery; to allow the deferred sale of property; to amend sections 93-1-5, 93-5-1 and 93-5-23, Mississippi […]

Ford Sport Trac Adrenalin »

A while back there were rumors of Ford building an SVT Sport Trac called the “Adrenalin” in 2007. Well unfortunately it never came to be…on the flip side (even better) it’s not an SVT only truck, but a package that your run-of-the-mill Ford dealer can add to your Sport Trac when you order one (or […]

Mix – Thermostatic Thought »

Figured I’d play around with some new music theory I’ve been reading up on. This one is written completely in the pentatonic minor scale. Enjoy! Click to play: Right click and “save as”: Robbie Watson – Thermostatic Thought.mp3

My Wall »

So I’ve been urged to do more photoshop-oriented projects and have caved to public demand (ok, so it was just Katie who said it but hey…) Anyway, played around in Illustrator a bit earlier today and meshed it together with some Photoshoppin and came up with some fancy new wallpapers for anyone who wants one. […]

Maximizing Your MPG »

On my way driving home last night I managed to muster 34.9mpg in my V6 Ford Escape over the course of 30 minutes using nothing but conservative driving techniques. My escape shifts into 4th gear at 45mph and will cruise at a gentle 1500rpm until about 55mph where it sits at 2000rpm. Doing 45 on […]