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5 People You’ll Meet In A Bar #1 »

There are a number of types of different people at the bar. In fact there’s probably hundreds of different types of people at any given bar (and we’re not talking about the bartender or the waitresses…). I’ve selected 5 of them to analyze and warn you about before you head out to the local pub […]

Ford Recommends BP »

Filling up yesterday on the way back into town I noticed a tagline that says “Ford Recommends BP” on the gas cap of the Fusion that I’m driving for the First 5000 test drive series. Now, I’ve seen this before and never really paid it much attention other than to look up at the gas […]

Mix – Ring »

Click to listen: Right click and “Save As”: Robbie Watson – Ring.mp3

Blackberry 9000 Pictures »

It’s not out quite yet but there’s some pictures that are! RIM’s been taking on increasingly sharp competition as of late (*cough* iPhone *cough cough*) even in its traditional corporate strongholds. While it’s not as revolutionary (which is what you’d expect someone facing stiff competition to try) as a complete touch screen, it’s a lot […]

MP3 or Not? » Do you hear the diference between a 128kbps and 320kbps mp3? On my laptop speaks there was absolutely no audible difference between the two, but I put my Bose Tri-port headphones up to the challenge and the difference was minuscule but it was there. What do you think?

Fedora 9 Beta Released »

The Fedora 9 Beta (nicknamed Sulphur) was released yesterday and the final release is expected on April 29. You can read the official release here. The latest version of the free (yeah, free as in beer…) cousin of Red Hat Linux comes with a number of major updates, including support for the latest versions of […]