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First 5000 – Ford Fusion Finale »

Today marks the last day I drive the Ford Fusion SE that I’ve had for the past 5,000 miles. I’d give this guy an 8/10 if I had to put it on a scale of 10. For the other posts on this car see. Part 1 and Part 2 – Update. Here’s some of the […]

Vector Acoustic Guitars »

On my vacation last week much of the time passed in the car was either spent watching movies I had put on my laptop or spent doodling in Adobe Illustrator CS3. Luckily the later has something to show for it and thus my Vector Acoustic Guitar pack was born. There’s three guitars in here: one […]

Best Buy’s 5mp Camera for $19?! »

Was in the local Best Buy with my girlfriend the other day and saw this “Bean Sprout“. I remark “Oh cute it’s a little camera with a carabiner and…oh my god 5 megapixels for $19!!” Of course before I yelled it out I quickly whip out the iPhone and after making sure the wi-fi is […]

CVS’s Misleading Branding »

I went to CVS yesterday to buy new toothpaste and some hair gel because I was running out. I’ve used Got2b (their site takes forever to load) for a while now because the “glued” line tends to hold up fairly well through out the day. I looked around for the hair products, saw the yellow […]

Expected Downtime »

The Rants and Raves will be temporarily down on Wednesday, May 21st 2008 3:00 AM – 5:00 AM Pacific Time for a bit of maintenance. I’m upgrading to PHP 5.2.6. I’m sure most of my visitors won’t be on between 3-5am (statistically speaking) and I hardly doubt you’ll miss me during those 2 wee morning […]

Guitar Hero Logo Vectorized »

From start to finish it took about two and a half hours which isn’t too bad considering the tediousness involved. I’ve included again an Illustrator file and an EPS file for you guys. In the package are three versions of the Guitar Hero logo. The first is the whole logo shading and all, the second […]