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The Mini HTPC »

So I built myself a small form factor PC like I’ve always wanted to. I just bought a new house so I’ll be using it as my main media center and hub for all other PC’s in the house. I’ll probably upgrade the RAM sometime soon but for the time being it’s perfect for what […]

The First 5000: Ford Flex »

So this time around I’m in the drivers seat of a brand new Ford Flex. Yeah the same one I wrote about a few days ago. Apparently some people liked what I had to say about it and have offered to let me drive one for the next First 5000. First drive reaction: Wow these […]

New Ford Flex »

So Detroit sent a Ford Flex down for us to take a look at yesterday. I wasn’t let down at all. It’s got a nice amount of amenities such as up-to-date information from your navigation system (weather, traffic, sports scores), a refrigerated center console on the second row, sun roofs all the way to the […]

Ole Miss iPhone Wallpapers »

I have the benefit of being able to see what search terms were used when a visitor comes to my site from Google. Recently I’ve had a rather large amount of people searching for Ole Miss iPhone wallpapers end up at my site only to find that I have iPhone wallpapers on my site as […]

Blueberry Waffles »

So the other day I was bored and asked Katie “Hey I’m gonna make another really dumb rap song, what should I rap about?” and of course she doesn’t miss a beat and replied “Blueberry waffles…” I laughed and ignored it and then realized how freakin awesome that would actually be. Well… here it is. […]