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Huffington Post sucks… and Digg doesn’t know it »

Was surfing Digg this morning and saw what I thought at first to be the same article twice. This wouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone who browses Digg on a regular basis. People repeatedly submit the same article twice despite being prompted with possible duplicates when they are submitted. After actually clicking on […]

Michael Savage – Biggest Douche of the Year »

I know it seems early to be naming someone the biggest douche of the year…but it’ll be hard to top this. Katie has the whole rant at her website ( – but basically he calls Autism something “made up” and “phony”. Clearly this guy will say anything to gain media attention. What a douche. Read […]

Comcast Sucks »

So nobody in the state of Mississippi that I know of (probably an even wider base) who uses Comcast for their internet service can access my site right now. I’m on Comcast and can’t get here (without using a proxy) on my home computer but can reach it on my iPhone… hence this post. Actually […]

Adesso Mini Keyboard »

Just thought I’d let everyone know that my last article on building my mini home theater PC has been featured on the “In The News” section of Adesso’s website. I know you’re probably not all that stoked – but I am… seeing as I love it when I get featured on other sites to begin […]