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Fantastic Contraption Catapults »

Had some fun playing this game If you haven’t played it – please do. After I got bored with doing it conventionally I figured out how to make a catapult and decided to blaze through the first ten levels using nothing but catapults to get my little thing to the finish line. Check them […]

MC Arrowhead Cover Ideas »

Working with my friend Emily and helping her lay out some of her ideas for what she thinks the cover of the Arrowhead (Art and Literature publication) should look like this year. She has in mind sort of an old, roughed up dirty circus poster/flyer. I don’t think the front is as good as it […]

St Patty’s Day Parade Shirts »

So there’s the annual St Patty’s Day Parade here in Jackson on March 21st in front of Hal and Mal’s downtown. I’ll be there as will half the city. If you want to show your St Patty’s Day pride then grab one of the new shirts from the Rants and Raves Store. A few of […]

Mississippi State iPhone Wallpapers »

Had an installment of Ole Miss iPhone wallpapers a while back and decided to make a couple MSU iPhone wallpapers. Here they are!

Facebook: Stop Tagging These »

Seriously, Facebook – stop tagging your friends in these dumb pictures…Honestly tagging your friends on a sheet of super-heros?  How about a bunch of random freakin smiley face people… Not suit your fancy? Maybe tag your friends as different pinup-girls… and that one doesn’t even make sense. How can you gather “the one you can […]

Make Your Band’s CD »

If you use facebook surely you’ve seen this already… If you haven’t – it’s a pretty fun activity. I love doing little things to keep my photoshop skills honed. 1 – Go to Wikipedia. Hit “random” or click The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. 2 – Go […]