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Disabled comments »

There seems to be a hack of sorts running around on all of my wordpress sites so for the time being I’ve disabled comments. It came from malicious code put into the comments and it didn’t even have to be approved but just sat in my spam queue and still redirected my sites to malware. […]

21k Hits in a Month! »

The good ole Rants and Raves hit an all-new high this past month with an astonishing (for me) 21,557 hits this past month. Never had traffic like that. Thanks to all the people who check this blog regularly (even though I haven’t been posting as regularly as they’ve been checking) and thanks to the haters […]

Everybody Get… to posting! »

Yeah I haven’t posted in a long while so I figured I’d just upload a beat I made earlier that I thought sounded fun. Added an inline WordPress MP3 player plugin so you can sample before you download or just stream it from the site. Lots of sampling and autotune and some other stuff in […]