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The First 5000: Ford Flex

So this time around I’m in the drivers seat of a brand new Ford Flex. Yeah the same one I wrote about a few days ago. Apparently some people liked what I had to say about it and have offered to let me drive one for the next First 5000. First drive reaction: Wow these […]

First 5000 – Ford Fusion Finale

Today marks the last day I drive the Ford Fusion SE that I’ve had for the past 5,000 miles. I’d give this guy an 8/10 if I had to put it on a scale of 10. For the other posts on this car see. Part 1 and Part 2 – Update. Here’s some of the […]

First 5000 – Fusion Update

Part of: First 5000 – Ford Fusion series. Microsoft Sync So the Fusion I’m doing for this round’s First 5000 has Microsoft’s Sync in it. At first I thought it somewhat a novelty that I might or might not use. I started using it a little bit with the iPhone…calling friends without having to take […]

The First 5000 – Ford Fusion

The First 5000 is an article series in which I drive a vehicle for the first 5000 miles of it’s life and report to you my first impressions, update you on any shop trips the vehicle makes, and in the end give you an overall summary of what I thought of the vehicle. This time […]

Ford Recommends BP

Filling up yesterday on the way back into town I noticed a tagline that says “Ford Recommends BP” on the gas cap of the Fusion that I’m driving for the First 5000 test drive series. Now, I’ve seen this before and never really paid it much attention other than to look up at the gas […]

Mississippi Enacts “Covenant Marriage”

Senate Bill 2550 passed as amended yesterday. The title is: An act to create a form of marriage to be known as covenant marriage requiring certain declarations; to provide that a covenant marriage may be dissolved in cases of adultery; to allow the deferred sale of property; to amend sections 93-1-5, 93-5-1 and 93-5-23, Mississippi […]