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I don’t know how many of you remember, and maybe it was a “my generation” thing…but back in 6th and 7th and maybe 8th grade, i dunno but back in junior high when AOL had become popular among kids our age and instant messages were semi-new….chatrooms were the coolest thing in the world. People were always making their own chatrooms for their buddies to come to. Nobody ever really said anything, but you had it open so your name was listed as being in it. If you ever went to any other chatrooms besides the ones your friends made, you probably came across something called “ASCII art.” ASCII art is basically an image made up of several lines of text. here’s an example:

*edit – it looked nothing like a Beetle when I published it…*

That’s a Volkswagon Beetle, it’s obvious. Anyway, I came across this website today and all you have to do is type in some word or words and it will create an image like this, but not of a Volkswagon, but of the text you entered. I knew there was some easy way those guys in those chatrooms made their cool screen filling images…
ASCII Generator

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  1. i remember those days…

    good ole days | May 3, 2005 | Reply

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