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LaFerrari and Lambo Veneno »

At Geneva yesterday Ferrari and Lamborghini unloaded what are possibly two of the most ridiculously stupid looking cars ever. First up is the redundantly redundant Ferrari LaFerrari. This is what amounts to a 458 Italia with a widebody kit, some gullwing doors, and loads of carbon fiber. While carbon fiber won’t hurt it on the […]

Terraria Right-Click Crash Fix »

There’s been a bug in Terraria for the last patch or two that causes some users to crash upon right-clicking any stacked item in their inventory or a chest. The game will crash and .Net will pop up an error starting with: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. What it’s […]

ASUS 27″ VE278Q Issues »

I’ve just found a solution to an issue that’s been plaguing me since the day I got my ASUS 27″ monitor. Occasionally, when moving it from one place to another (LAN party, moving houses, unplugging and tidying up cables etc) I have an issue with one of my two VE278Q’s turning on. At first I […]

EVGA GTX 560ti 448 Classified with Coolermaster Storm Scout »

Was helping a friend of mine put together a PC last night and thought I’d share our experience with the Coolermaster Storm Scout case. It’s hands down the best case I’ve ever seen for under $100. There’s no holes for cable management above the motherboard which is a con, but not much of one – […]

Handlebars & Cigars Mustache Pack »

All of my past free vector Mustache Packs have been extremely popular and continue to drive loads of traffic to the site even when I don’t make posts for weeks/months. I really appreciate all of the positive feedback and the examples everyone has sent me of all the silly uses for the mustaches. I decided […]

Radeon HD 6990 Length »

Hardocp got their hands on one of the first 6990’s for testing. They’re not allowed to say much about the card itself due to limitations given to them by AMD but going by some of the photos they posted I’ve managed to use photoshop and the ruler tool to figure out about how long the […]