Beerfest 09 – Australia

So there’s a Beerfest going on up at Mississippi State this weekend and I’m rooting for Australia. I made iron-ons for tshirts and I made a bunch of stickers (8 per 8.5″ by 11″ page). The t-shirts get a “fatigued” look and I made a sheet of fatigued stickers before I realized they looked dumb and proceeded to print out just plain logo’s. I added more stars to the blue part of the flag because it looked boring and empty.

Here’s the fatigued look (tshirts):

Here’s the non-fatigued look (stickers):

And here’s what I’m hoping they look like once I iron them onto tshirts…Hopefully they’ll turn out good.

And if you want a PDF of the sheet of stickers, click here and print them yourself if you have sticker paper for your inkjet.

Update: Got them all ironed on and I think they look pretty good for iron-ons!

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