Burial – Untruth

Artist: Burial
Album: Untruth
Rating (1-10): 8
In a nutshell: Buy it if you’re into chillout music

Burial - Untruth

I hadn’t ever heard of Burial until the other day when I came across their wiki on Last.fm. Apparently this guy has quite the interesting story. He’s completely (for the most part) anonymous. He said in an interview “only five people know I make tunes.”

His eponymous debut album in 2006 won Album of the Year by The Wire magazine and it came in 5th on the Mixmag Album of the Year list. His second album Untrue was released in November of last year. For whatever reason, the vinyl and CD versions of the album have different track orders and each have exclusive tracks.

The sound is a “dubstep” sound drum (not quite glitch-beat but more out of sync than a normal hip-hop groove) combined with a rhythmic bass, atmospheric strings, and spacey ambient vocals. It’s one of my favorite albums to just let play in the background while I photoshop, read, or do whatever. Definitely worth checking out if you’re into chill music.

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