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LaFerrari and Lambo Veneno »

At Geneva yesterday Ferrari and Lamborghini unloaded what are possibly two of the most ridiculously stupid looking cars ever. First up is the redundantly redundant Ferrari LaFerrari. This is what amounts to a 458 Italia with a widebody kit, some gullwing doors, and loads of carbon fiber. While carbon fiber won’t hurt it on the […]

Are Jeeps Still “Easy to Flip?” »

When I was looking at first cars in the 90’s the Wrangler always seemed like a fun teenagers vehicle to me but I shied away from them because of the rumors that they were extremely easy to flip and prone to rollover. Is this the case still? Was it ever the case? Are there any […]

The First 5000: Ford Flex »

So this time around I’m in the drivers seat of a brand new Ford Flex. Yeah the same one I wrote about a few days ago. Apparently some people liked what I had to say about it and have offered to let me drive one for the next First 5000. First drive reaction: Wow these […]

New Ford Flex »

So Detroit sent a Ford Flex down for us to take a look at yesterday. I wasn’t let down at all. It’s got a nice amount of amenities such as up-to-date information from your navigation system (weather, traffic, sports scores), a refrigerated center console on the second row, sun roofs all the way to the […]

First 5000 – Ford Fusion Finale »

Today marks the last day I drive the Ford Fusion SE that I’ve had for the past 5,000 miles. I’d give this guy an 8/10 if I had to put it on a scale of 10. For the other posts on this car see. Part 1 and Part 2 – Update. Here’s some of the […]

Ford Recommends BP »

Filling up yesterday on the way back into town I noticed a tagline that says “Ford Recommends BP” on the gas cap of the Fusion that I’m driving for the First 5000 test drive series. Now, I’ve seen this before and never really paid it much attention other than to look up at the gas […]