Category: Design

LaFerrari and Lambo Veneno »

At Geneva yesterday Ferrari and Lamborghini unloaded what are possibly two of the most ridiculously stupid looking cars ever. First up is the redundantly redundant Ferrari LaFerrari. This is what amounts to a 458 Italia with a widebody kit, some gullwing doors, and loads of carbon fiber. While carbon fiber won’t hurt it on the […]

Facebook Lite »

Update: This no longer seems to exist. They killed it in a patch at some point. For those of you who haven’t seen this yet there’s a new version of facebook available (In addition to the mobile and full versions) called Facebook Lite. Facebook Lite is a mix between the mobile version and the full […]

Two New Sites »

Just finished up on two new sites for the car dealership I work for. First up: Watson Quality Commercial Sales It’s a Joomla 1.5 site with a customized back-end for people here at the dealership to be able to easily log in, check traffic stats, change pages, etc. Took about 2 weeks from start […]

Wall Design »

So I want to make a big design out of Sharpie on a wall in my house. It’ll either be in the garage so it’d be rediculously easy to repaint or in my music/recording room because that’s a very casual fun room. I had an idea or two when I started on my friend Devin’s […]

Ole Miss iPhone Wallpapers »

I have the benefit of being able to see what search terms were used when a visitor comes to my site from Google. Recently I’ve had a rather large amount of people searching for Ole Miss iPhone wallpapers end up at my site only to find that I have iPhone wallpapers on my site as […]

CVS’s Misleading Branding »

I went to CVS yesterday to buy new toothpaste and some hair gel because I was running out. I’ve used Got2b (their site takes forever to load) for a while now because the “glued” line tends to hold up fairly well through out the day. I looked around for the hair products, saw the yellow […]