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Customize Samsung Kids Mode Alligator »

I was exiting Kids mode on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and saw that my toddler had somehow opened up a menu that allowed me to customize the little dinosaur/alligator on the second page to the left in the Kids mode. I had no idea it was possible to customize it and change it’s color, clothes, […]

No iPhone 3G$ For Me! »

So I went to the Memphis in May concerts and my original iPhone got wet. I was pretty pissed off but glad I finally had a reason to trade in my old iPhone for a new 3G one. That was in May. It’s June 8th now and there’s a new iPhone coming out this month. […]

Some PC Ideas »

Another friend of mine is wanting to build himself a computer that he can mix music on and occasionally play a game on. I sent him a 3 lists of different computer parts to build 3 different computers. I put together a list for one cheap PC, one media-center PC and one faster gamers PC. […]

The Mini HTPC »

So I built myself a small form factor PC like I’ve always wanted to. I just bought a new house so I’ll be using it as my main media center and hub for all other PC’s in the house. I’ll probably upgrade the RAM sometime soon but for the time being it’s perfect for what […]

Best Buy’s 5mp Camera for $19?! »

Was in the local Best Buy with my girlfriend the other day and saw this “Bean Sprout“. I remark “Oh cute it’s a little camera with a carabiner and…oh my god 5 megapixels for $19!!” Of course before I yelled it out I quickly whip out the iPhone and after making sure the wi-fi is […]

TomTom Go 720 Pros & Cons »

So I got a new TomTom Go 720 and I was going to write a nice review about it, but there’s plenty of those out there and they have plenty of filler material and useless stuff in them too. Instead of spending 2 hours writing a review that you’ll spend 30 minutes reading, I’ll just […]